Samuel del Coso Román

I was born on January 10, 1948. in "La Mancha or land of Don Quixote", Valdepeñas (C. Real / Spain or Sefarard according to the prophet Obadiah 20, 21).

Mine was a very poor family economically speaking, but very rich in the Lord. I grew up in a Catholic context during Franco's dictatorship. Without knowing why, they called us "mala hierba, Jews, Protestants", etc. and they forced us to live outside the city with the "rabble" of the people (the people that society rejected).

At age 12 (the year 1960) I was kicked out of school for not wanting to "Christianize" or baptize in the Catholic way. It was then when an English sponsored me and so I entered the German high school "El Porvenir" (Madrid). As an intern, I studied for two years in the branch they had in El Escorial (Casita del Príncipe) and six more in the capital.

There I did the High School and I examined myself as a listener in the Ramiro de Maeztu and Cardenal Cisneros institutes. Later, at the Pablo Montesinos University School, I finished the Magisterium and at the age of 18 I was already a professor of Primary Education (1966).

In early 1972 I came to England to study theology, pedagogy, philosophy, humanities, psychology, etc., at All Nations Christian Bible College (Hertfordshire). In 1975 I married in Holland with Elisabeth Westerman (Dutch), we have two wonderful children, Ruth and David and five grandchildren. Since then we have lived in Spain, teaching the Bible and doing social work among the marginalized. Because of the chaotic situation in which my country was involved, we wanted to know the cause and that led us to understand that Spain was cursed by the bad treatment it has given Israel over the centuries, as we read in Genesis 12: 1-3.

Impacted by the vision "of umbrella over the Iberian Peninsula" and as a consequence the lack of water with the drought that lasted 500 years, we went to Israel in 1988 with the purpose of asking for forgiveness. That would be the first visit (which coincided with Yom Kippur and the Feast of Sukkot) and many others we have done since then in order to console and serve our people in a practical and tangible way (Isaiah 40: 1).

Among other things, on that trip there were 3 things that changed my life forcing me to "learn more and unlearn":
1. I broke the Greek lenses with how I was seeing and reading the Bible;
2. I discovered my Hebrew family called Roman and
3. I accepted the invitation of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, to be their representative in Spain (This experience -in which I have been involved until a few years ago- took me to other countries and, above all, to meet thousands and thousands of people, especially the Sephardic Anusim).

Since then, some marvelous and intense 30 years have passed, in which I have tried to introduce an unknown Israel into this Christian society (Catholic, Evangelical and other denominations full of the doctrine of replacement) and, what is worse, anti-Zionist.

For about 20 years we have lived in the historical and imperial city of Toledo working as a "bridge", collaborating with the Jewish Community, the Embassy of Israel in Spain and other entities.

From here we have traveled many cities and towns of the Peninsula and beyond and, above all, we have sent a lot of information called to the Spaniards and to the rest of the world to have and demonstrate a genuine repentance towards Israel (In that consisted the public act that It was done in 1992 in front of the Jewish Community and Mr. Don Isaac Navón (ex-president of Israel).

Well, so far I arrive today, asking the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and Yeshua to continue giving me the strength to:
a.Serve the God of My ancestors,
b. Comforr in a practical way to His people Israel (which is also mine) because I believe with full certainty of belonging to those millions and millions of anusim or "dry bones" that are still in the "graves" of the Diaspora and in full restoration. They are those who are on their way home or Eretz Israel, as it is written in Ezekiel 37, Zechariah 8: 8, Obadiah 20 and 21, etc.)

Yes, with the help of the Eternal and with so many other friends who are there, we will continue:
a.Passing the Good News of Redemption and Salvation,
b. looking for and blowing Ruach HaKodesh to the "dry bones" that we find on the daily path,
c. Take them home (Israel) and
d. Networking and teaming up with all those who will not keep quiet or fail to act on behalf of Israel, until the Highest restore Zion and put Yerushalayim as a torch for the glory of his Name and the praise of the whole Earth (So left him well written the prophet Isaiah and, therefore, it will be so, chapter 62; 2: 2-4).