Raúl Rubio

Raúl Rubio, Founding Pastor of the Messianic Kehilat Yovel.

Pastor Raúl Rubio and his wife Viviana Valbuena are the founders of the Messianic Kehilat Yovel located in Bogotá, Colombia. Created at the end of 1999, when Pastor Rubio observed the call of God to return to the Jewish roots of the faith: to keep Torah, Shabbat and the feasts of the Lord, following the practices and teachings of our Messiah Yeshua. In their happy marriage, they are raising two beautiful children, Yahel and Yaron.

During these years Pastor Rubio has led the Yovel Community, seeking the formation of families strengthened in the priesthood of man, social work and outreach, solidarity with the people of Israel and with the Jewish Community in Colombia.