price of the congress

For this year 2019, the Messianic Jewish Congress that bears the name "She'erit" (Remnant) will seek to understand and strengthen the concept of serving the Kingdom of the Messiah by being part of a remnant.

We invite you to be part of this great challenge!

Price in foreign currency $140 USD*

*Included traveler medical insurance

Para Pagos dentro de Colombia consignar a:

Fundación Mesiánica Yovel – Nit. 830.125.853-4

Bancolombia Cta. Ahorros #2008 590 2937

*Favor enviar soporte de pago al correo  con sus datos: Nombre y cédula. También especificando que es para el congreso Remanente 2019.

For payments outside of Colombia

 You must pay the first day of the Congress at the counter.